Gubernatorial candidates unveil plans for boosting NH economy

Aug 23, 2016

BY: Citizens Count

As the campaign season heats up, gubernatorial candidates are punching up their appeal to voters by releasing comprehensive plans that detail their strategies to boost New Hampshire’s economy. Compare them below: we’ll continue to add more links as additional candidates reveal their ideas.

Republican Candidates

Frank Edelblut
Priorities include reducing health care and energy costs, promoting start-up-friendly tax policies, eliminating burdensome regulation.

Ted Gatsas
“The Gatsas Growth Agenda” 
Key points: Advocate for constitutional amendment banning state income tax; cut business profits and business enterprise taxes; support Northern Pass and nuclear energy; complete I-93 expansion; repair red-listed bridges; oppose Anthem-Cigna merger; expand services at Manchester Boston Regional Airport.

Jeanie Forrester
“Economic Plan for the People” 
Key points: Veto sales or income tax; ease permitting for development projects; incentivize “angel investment”; cap spending of budget surplus; tax incentives for capital improvements; create business partner student mentoring program.  

Chris Sununu
“Economic Blueprint for NH” 
Key points: Cut business profits and business enterprise tax rates; repeal and replace Affordable Care Act; promote right-to-work legislation; student loan assistance for graduates in high-demand fields; expand technical school offerings; fix red-listed roads and bridges; expand fiber connectivity.


Democratic Candidates

Mark Connolly
Calls for development and implementation of a ten year economic development plan for New Hampshire.

Steve Marchand
“Growing the NH Economy” 
Key points: Raise NH public education outcomes to first in the nation; Reduce number of red-listed bridges; promote tax policies that reduce burden on new businesses; integrate education and private sector; provide incentives for venture capital; promote legal immigration.

Colin Van Ostern
“A Business Plan to Keep New Hampshire’s Economy Moving Forward” 
Key points: Expand commuter rail service to Manchester; reduce college and university costs; expand rural broadband; strengthen non-discrimination laws for workers; guarantee full-day kindergarten; raise minimum wage; oppose right-to-work; oppose sales or income tax; make Medicaid expansion permanent.

Third Party Candidates:

Jilletta Jarvis
“How to Improve the Economy”
Key points: Support local agriculture; create living wage tax credit; create tax credit for sourcing inventory in-state; audit state budget.  


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Christopher Sununu

NH Governor (2016 - present); Executive Councilor (2010 - 2016); Owner/Director, Sununu Enterprises; CEO, Waterville Valley Ski Resort; Strategic Consultant; Environmental Engineer

Manchester mayor; Senator, NH Senate (2000 - 2010); co-founder, Staffing Network; candidate, NH Governor (2016)

Senator, NH Senate (2010 - 2016); business and non-Profit experience; staff member for former Gov. John H. Sununu; former Town Administrator for New Durham and Tuftonboro

Entrepreneur; Finance; Accounting; Representative, NH House of Representatives (2014 - 2016)

Colin Van Ostern

Executive Councilor (2012 - 2016); Senior Advisor, Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America (2013 - present); Brand Manager, Stonyfield Farm (2011 - 2013)

Candidate, NH Governor (2016); Mayor of Portsmouth (2005 - 2008); Director of Corporate Relations, University of NH; Principal at SRM Consulting; State Director, No Labels

Mark Connolly

Former Deputy Secretary of State and Director of Securities Regulation; owner and principal adviser, New Castle Investment

Jilletta Jarvis

Compliance and Regulatory Training Project Manager

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