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Hassan vetoes anti-Common Core bill

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On Friday Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) vetoed SB 101, a bill that explicitly gives school districts the power to reject the Common Core education standards.

Gov. Hassan noted that school districts already have the power to implement their own education standards.  Manchester wrote their own standards after rejecting Common Core last year.

"As this bill has no practical impact, its purpose appears to be that of sending a message, and it is the wrong message," said Hassan. "New Hampshire must be clear that it is committed to developing a 21st century work force and citizenry, that it welcomes innovation, and that it is modernizing its education system to reflect those values."

However, all school districts must still participate in the Smarter Balanced assessments based on Common Core, or risk losing federal funding.

Rep. Kevin Avard (R), the sponsor of SB 101, believes Hassan's veto opens the door to more state and federal control over local school districts.

"I’ve heard from many parents around the state who are worried not only about the quality of these federal educational programs but that they are mandated across the state, limiting the ability for individual towns and cities to decide on their students’ education," said Avard.


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