House committee votes against Right to Work

Feb 09, 2017

BY: Citizens Count

On Wednesday, February 8, after hearing over seven hours of public testimony, a House committee voted against two Right to Work bills.

The vote was 14-7, with several Republicans joining Democrats to recommend the full House kills Right to Work.

Under either Right to Work bill, it would be illegal to require employees to join a union or pay fees to a union for contract negotiations.

Most of the public testimony came from union members. They argued that so-called Right to Work legislation would allow employees to benefit from the contracts negotiated by unions without paying the union anything in return. This would weaken unions - which many argue is the true intent of Right to Work laws.

One of the notable speakers in support of Right to Work was Sen. Brandt Hershman from Indiana. Hershman testified that after passing Right to Work in his state, Indiana has seen a lower unemployment rate and higher union membership.

Citizens Count NH also presented Citizen Voices testimony at the public hearing. Click here to see what we presented

Both Right to Work bills will face a full House vote next week.

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