Income tax debate in 2016?

Sep 28, 2015

BY: Citizens Count

Rep. Paul Henle (D-Concord) has requested a 2016 bill to eliminate the statewide property tax, cut business taxes, and introduce an income tax.

“I see it as an economic stimulus,” Henle said in an interview with the Union Leader. “I'm not so wet behind the ears that I do not see a problem introducing an income tax, but so be it.”

The New Hampshire legislature has not seriously considered an income tax proposal since the 1990s, when the state was struggling to fund education.

Supporters of an income tax argue that New Hampshire’s high property taxes and business taxes have eroded the “New Hampshire Advantage” compared to other New England states.

Opponents of an income tax argue that New Hampshire’s tax burden is still comparable to other states, and introducing a new broad-based tax would provide lawmakers with the opportunity to increase the overall tax burden.


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Property Taxes | 7 comment(s)
Should NH continue to use property taxes instead of a new broad-based tax, such as an income tax?


Representative, NH House of Representatives (2012 - 2018); Conversion Specialist, NH Community Loan Fund; Former Executive Director, Granite State Fair Tax Coalition; Rep. Henle passed away in October 2018

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