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Mandatory fertility coverage?

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Sen. Martha Hennessey is sponsoring a 2019 bill that would require health insurers to cover some fertility treatments and fertility preservation.  

The bill, SB 279, specifically requires coverage for:

  • Diagnosis of the cause of infertility
  • Fertility treatment, if it is medically necessary
  • Fertility preservation prior to surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or other medical treatment that may cause infertility

The bill would not apply to self-funded employer plans, which are regulated by the federal government.

Seventeen other states – including Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island – require some coverage for fertility treatment and/or fertility preservation.  

Arguments for fertility coverage

Supporters of SB 279 note that fertility treatment and preservation are incredibly expensive for patients, while infertility takes a terrible emotional toll. With the average cost of adoption through an agency ranging from $20,000 to $45,000, adoption isn’t an affordable alternative. Lack of insurance coverage for IVF can also push some patients to choose risky multiple births in order to save money, which can result in far more costly medical interventions down the road. 

Arguments against fertility coverage

Opponents of SB 279 argue that any new mandate will disrupt the insurance market and increase costs for consumers.

The Affordable Care Act also requires the state to cover some of those increased costs if it adds a new insurance mandate, so this bill could result in a new cost for taxpayers, as well.

Learn more about the Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplace in New Hampshire


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Yes #NHresident


NO! A reason why health insurance premiums continue to rise is government mandates for coverage. The big winner - Massachusetts - most mandated services in the country. If you are infertile, adopt or go to Massachusetts. We are a small state with a limited # of insurers. Stop forcing some of us to pay for services to a small group of beneficiaries.


Infertility is not a threat to health. Insurance is to cover issues that impair health. My answer: If you are infertile then adopt


Yes, most absolutely!




Yes #NHresident


yes!!!! #NHresident


Yes! I received multiple fertility treatments in Massachusetts as a NH resident. The emotional and physical strain was significant having to deal with the struggle of infertility as well as traveling to another state for treatment. New Hampshire can improve the lives of so many by mandating coverage of these expensive yet fulfilling services. My twins have competed our family and I am forever grateful they are here.


Yes! Support #newhampshire families with this bill. #newhampshireresident I'm so thankful we have insurance through Massachusetts and now have an amazingly beautiful son that gets to enjoy the state I grew up in. If however I did not live in a bordering city- I would leave New Hampshire in a heart beat due to insurance not having mandated fertility coverage.


Yes! Absolutely!


Yes, absolutely! NH


Infertility is not a threat to health. Insurance is to cover issues that impair health. My answer: If you are infertile then adopt


Yes - absolutely. NH Resident


Yes! Yes! Yes!




Yes!! #NHResident
This is so important to so many families in NH. I personally had to stop working in NH for this reason. It’s an unspoken about issue for so many!




Yes, this bill should pass.
As a resident of NH I believe it would help many families in NH.


YES #NHCitizen Infertility affects so many. People currently seek employment out of state for the coverage. Birth rates are declining. Let’s make NH a state where people want to live and stay.


YES #NHresident




NH is going to see less young people move and take jobs in this state if we are competitive with insurance coverage.






Yes, this bill should pass. It is an important issue for many in NH and this bill would benefit many.


Yes this bill should pass. Infertility is a disease that impacts 1 in 6 couples. Access to care is needed. This is a workforce issue as anxiety and depression is equivalent to what a cancer patient experiences, and impacts work performance. Coverage would help N.H. attract young people to our state, and help retain those who are here. Preservation coverage is needed as a young person battling illness should still be able to be a parent in the future.


Yes, this is an issue experienced by many people in NH and a fundamental human right.


Yes #NHresident

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