Medicaid expansion bill heads to Gov. Sununu

May 11, 2018

BY: Citizens Count

The House and Senate have agreed to continue expanded Medicaid eligibility for another five years in New Hampshire.

The bill to continue Medicaid expansion, SB 313, now heads to Gov. Chris Sununu.  He is expected to sign the bill.

From private insurance to managed care

SB 313 moves program participants off of private insurance and into managed care, the same way traditional Medicaid enrollees are covered.

When the Legislature first approved expanded Medicaid, they believed using private insurance would keep down costs.  However, the relatively poor health of expanded Medicaid enrollees contributed to a sharp increase in premiums for individuals purchasing private insurance through the online marketplace.

Click here to learn more about the online health insurance marketplace.

Alcohol taxes for funding

SB 313 adds a new funding source for expanded Medicaid: revenue from sales at state liquor stores.

This funding will replace voluntary contributions from hospitals, which the federal government said was illegal.

Click here to learn more about the federal government’s objection to hospital contributions.

Work requirement

SB 313 also adds a work requirement for expanded Medicaid enrollees.

There are some exceptions, for example for parents of young children and people in addiction treatment.

To help with this requirement SB 313 establishes the Granite Workforce pilot program, which will use federal welfare dollars to give subsidies to employers in high need fields to train and hire low income residents.

The Granite Workforce program will also pay for other services that eliminate barriers to employment, such as child care.

Click here to learn more about jobs, trades, and skills training programs in New Hampshire.

Do you support SB 313?  Share your opinion on expanded Medicaid in the comments below.


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Was NH right to expand Medicaid eligibility, using private insurance wherever possible?

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