More protections for pregnant workers?

Mar 22, 2016

BY: Citizens Count

On Thursday, March 24 the Senate will vote on a bill to clarify protections for pregnant workers in New Hampshire.

The bill, SB 488, specifies that employers must allow more frequent breaks, lighter duties, a private room for expressing breast milk, and more, so long as there is not “undue hardship” on the employer.

While both state and federal law already provide some protections for pregnant employees, bill supporters argue that these protections are not clear enough.

“This bill merely defines appropriate accommodations for pregnant workers and new families, and clarifies the responsibilities of the employer in hoping to minimize legal repercussions,” testified bill sponsor Sen. Martha Fuller Clark.

Testifying with David Juvet of the Business and Industry Association, attorney Charla Stevens recommended that the state let the federal government set the standards for accommodating pregnant workers.

“There is some continued work on the federal law, and one concern that we have is confusion and inconsistency between state and federal law,” testified Stevens.

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Senator, New Hampshire Senate (2004 - 2010, 2014 - present); Representative, NH House of Representatives (1996- 2002); Assistant Democratic Leader, New Hampshire State House of Representatives; Vice-Chair, New Hampshire Democratic Party; Architec

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