NH ranks 39th for discretionary income

Nov 09, 2017

BY: Citizens Count

According to a new study from Trove, New Hampshire residents rank 39th in the United States for discretionary income.

Trove calculated discretionary income by subtracting taxes and basic expenses - such as housing and utility bills - from the state's average salary.

New Hampshire's average annual discretionary income was $2,954. The Granite State had a higher than average salary, but also higher than average basic expenses.

Would a higher minimum wage increase discretionary income? Visit our issue page on the minimum wage to learn more.

Michigan had the highest average discretionary income, $8,142. Hawaii had the lowest, -$6,541.

New Hampshire had the highest discretionary income in New England.

Do you think living expenses, taxes, and salaries are balanced in New Hampshire to allow enough discretionary income? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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