Public hearings on voter registration laws

Feb 06, 2017

BY: Citizens Count

On Wednesday, February 8 a House committee will hold public hearings on several bills to make voter registration laws stricter in New Hampshire.

For information on how to register to vote in New Hampshire, visit our Voter FAQ.

One bill, HB 403, would end the ability of voters to register on election day after just signing an affidavit swearing that they live in New Hampshire. Instead, voters would have to show proof of domicile such as a driver's license.

HB 639, conversely, would only allow voters to use the affidavit if they are registering on election day. Anyone registering before election day would have to show proof of domicile such as a driver's license.

Two other bills, HB 404 and HB 642, would require a voter to confirm they are a resident of New Hampshire. Under current state law, a voter must only be domiciled in New Hampshire, which is generally considered to include situations more temporary than residence.

HB 642 would also require someone to live in the state at least thirty days before voting and would eliminate election day voter registration.

There are other bills in the Senate that also aim to limit voter registration.

Supporters of these bills generally argue that given the importance of elections, the state should do more to exclude voters who are only in New Hampshire temporarily, whether they are campaign workers, college students, or people committing voter fraud.

Bill opponents argue that there is no proof of widespread voter fraud, so these bills only make it more difficult for new and less educated voters to participate in elections.

Do you think New Hampshire should make voter registration laws stricter in New Hampshire? Share your opinion in the comments.


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