Seven candidates for governor

Mar 18, 2016

BY: Citizens Count

Following Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas' announcement on March 17, there are now seven candidates in the race for New Hampshire governor.

On the Democratic ticket Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern faces off against former Deputy Secretary of State Mark Connolly. So far in his campaign, Van Ostern has emphasized two issues he voted on as Executive Councilor: a state contract with Planned Parenthood and a southern New Hampshire commuter rail. Connolly has emphasized his record as a businessman and financial regulator, and promises to focus on building education and job opportunities.

There are three candidates on the Republican side: freshman Representative Frank Edelblut, Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, and Executive Councilor Chris Sununu.

Edelblut touts his experience in the private sector and promises lighter government regulation. In an early campaign video, he used the ride-sharing app Uber as an example of the business innovation he supports.

Gatsas had a long career in the state Senate before leading the Queen City. As a legislator he held a hard line against tax increases; as mayor he has supported the Manchester School District's fight against Common Core.

Sununu has the benefit of name recognition, with family members formerly serving as governor and U.S. senator. Councilor Sununu drew attention this summer after voting against the state contract with Planned Parenthood, despite previously identifying as pro-choice.

The two final contenders, Jon Lavoie and Derek Dextraze, are lesser-known candidates running as independents. Lavoie is businessman and volunteer firefighter. Dextraze currently works for the classroom testing company Measure Progress.

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Entrepreneur; Finance; Accounting; Representative, NH House of Representatives (2014 - 2016)

Manchester mayor; Senator, NH Senate (2000 - 2010); co-founder, Staffing Network; candidate, NH Governor (2016)

Christopher Sununu

NH Governor (2016 - present); Executive Councilor (2010 - 2016); Owner/Director, Sununu Enterprises; CEO, Waterville Valley Ski Resort; Strategic Consultant; Environmental Engineer

Mark Connolly

Former Deputy Secretary of State and Director of Securities Regulation; owner and principal adviser, New Castle Investment

Colin Van Ostern

Executive Councilor (2012 - 2016); Senior Advisor, Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America (2013 - present); Brand Manager, Stonyfield Farm (2011 - 2013)

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