Should NH replace human-operated toll booths with all-electronic tolling, similar to the system in Massachusetts?

Apr 12, 2018

BY: Citizens Count

The New Hampshire Legislature is reviewing a proposal to install all-electronic tolling at the turnpike toll plazas in Bedford, Dover, and Rochester. The proposal is part of the Ten Year Transportation Improvement Plan, submitted by the Department of Transportation and the governor for legislative approval.

Update: The ten-year transportation plan passed and was signed by the governor in May. 

About all electronic tolling

All-electronic tolling replaces human-operated toll booths with a system that captures images of license plates. Anyone who passes through the toll is sent a bill for the amount of the toll.

The system would also recognize E-ZPass transponders.

The current New Hampshire proposal also requires the Department of Transportation to develop anonymous E-ZPass transponders that drivers could purchase without enrolling in the E-ZPass system.

Support for all electronic tolling

Supporters point out that all-electronic tolling is cheaper for the state to install than open road tolling, which mixes human-operated toll booths with E-ZPass lanes.

All-electronic tolling also decreases the number of vehicle collisions, since drivers are not slowing down or switching lanes before the toll plaza.

Opposition to all electronic tolling

Opponents of all-electronic tolling note that Massachusetts has had a problem collecting tolls from people who simply ignore the bills.

Others argue that all-electronic tolling infringes on the privacy rights of drivers by requiring them to take extra steps – such as purchasing an anonymous transponder – to avoid having their trip recorded.

Do you support a switch to all-electronic tolling in New Hampshire? Share your opinion in the comments.


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