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What NH Listens Does

New Hampshire Listens works at the local and state level to facilitate and support civil, public deliberation of complex, polarizing issues. We share resources on dialogue design, train facilitators, and work with local and state leaders to create opportunities for informed conversation on social, economic, and policy matters.

Training: Facilitating for Public Engagement

The work of public engagement and deliberative dialogue is only as strong as its facilitators. We look forward to connecting with new and experienced facilitators across the state who are interested in serving as a small group facilitator, learning skills and strategies for helping all voices to be heard, and networking with other NH citizens who are invested in proactive problem solving. Facilitators assist local communities as well as regional and statewide partners in the design and delivery of deliberative processes. We are occasionally able to offer a small stipend to facilitators.

Are you interested in training to become a facilitator for NH Listens?  Visit www.nhlistens.org for information or call (603) 862-2821.

Conversation Reports

As a result of NH Listens' work on each local or statewide project, a report is created summarizing the findings and recommendations from participants. These findings are shared broadly with participants and with decision makers for consideration in future action.

Click here to see the NH Listens reports.

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