Our Mission

Citizens Count is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to serve New Hampshire citizens by:

  • providing objective information about issues and candidates
  • promoting the civil exchange of opinions in a variety of forums, online and in person
  • connecting citizens with their elected officials

What we do

  • Separate fact from opinion, giving you both sides of every story.
  • Provide objective, unbiased information about candidates and elected officials.
  • Give citizens a place to share their opinions and engage in respectful discussion about the issues that affect New Hampshire.
  • Put your views in front of decision-makers, building a stronger bridge between officials and the citizens who elected them.

What 'nonpartisan' means to us

We are committed to remaining balanced and unbiased. We don't take positions on issues, endorse candidates, or stand for or against any elected official. We provide vital tools for citizens to make sure that the full range of positions and opinions are heard.



We present a new option for New Hampshire citizens, one that adapts to the fast pace of modern life and harnesses technology to put citizen engagement within the daily reach of all citizens. The tools through which we do this are:

We provide objective information on over eighty New Hampshire issues and all New Hampshire elected officials because good information leads to good decision making. 

We promote civil discussion and debate in keeping with New Hampshire’s proud tradition of civic participation. Post your thoughts on our website, comment on our Facebook discussions, or follow us on Twitter to join the conversation.

We offer contact information for elected officials as well as instructions for communicating with New Hampshire government officials effectively. In addition, we efficiently share member views with government officials, primarily through our Citizen Voices®.


We abide by the following basic principles: 

  • We are vigorously nonpartisan.
  • We provide objective information about issues and candidates, separate fact from opinion, and present the pros and cons of various solutions.
  • We take no policy positions and endorse no specific candidates.
  • We are member-driven. Members set the agenda, debate issues, and take action as individuals. 
  • We serve New Hampshire citizens by providing a variety of opportunities, both online and in person, to engage in citizenship, to communicate, and to participate.

Next steps

  • Join us. It's free and only takes a minute. Your membership means we can work together to expand the impact of citizens on government policies.
  • Weigh in. Visit our issue pages, our Facebook page or our forum and join the discussion. Your opinion matters.
  • Get informed. Explore our issue pages, research candidates, or get to know your elected officials.
  • Learn about our history and about how our organization works, or visit our FAQ
  • Donate or sponsor us to support our mission to make it easier for New Hampshire citizens to become informed, exchange opinions, and connect with their elected officials.


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