Governor Sununu inaugurated, lays out priorities

Jan 04, 2019
Governor Chris Sununu

On Thursday, January 3 Gov. Chris Sununu delivered his second inauguration address.

Sununu opened with an emphasis on bipartisan cooperation. Gov. Sununu will have to work across the aisle to see his policy proposals succeed in a Democrat-controlled House and Senate.

"I have often said that we don't let the dysfunction of Washington define our success here — and it's true — politics does not dictate policy. We treat each other with respect and civility, not with the circus-like theatrics and zero-sum games that have taken over Washington."

Legislators request 2019 bills

Sep 20, 2018
2019 legislative bills

Although the election isn’t until November, current legislators already have the opportunity to request 2019 bills.

If a legislator loses reelection, any bills he or she requested must be sponsored by a winning legislator or else the bills die.

Here’s a list of some of the most significant 2019 bills requested so far (note that the details of what these bills are haven't yet been released):


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