Which NH county has the most active representatives?

Oct 03, 2019
Statehouse attendance

Each year Citizens Count tallies several measures that can be used to evaluate legislator activity in Concord:

  • Attendance on voting days (total number of voting days attended in Concord)
  • Attendance for roll call votes (total number of votes cast on each bill)
  • Partisanship (using the "Party Unity Score" – learn more here)
  • Number of prime-sponsored bills
  • Number of prime-sponsored bills that became law

So how does each county stack up? Here’s the rundown.

End-of-session update: partisanship goes up

Oct 03, 2019
partisanship in Concord

Halfway through the 2019 legislative session, Citizens Count looked at one measure of partisanship, "party unity." We found that the New Hampshire House of Representatives seems to be getting more partisan, but the New Hampshire Senate is not.

Read our first analysis of "party unity" in the New Hampshire House and Senate

Now that the budget standoff and veto override votes are over, it’s time to update those numbers. Unfortunately, it looks like party divisions are deeper than ever in both the House and Senate.

What influences partisanship in NH?

Apr 05, 2019
partisanship in Concord

In a recent article Citizens Count explored one measure of partisanship – “party unity” – over the past twenty years of the New Hampshire Legislature. That data generally showed that partisanship is increasing in the New Hampshire House but roughly steady (and lower overall) in the New Hampshire Senate.

Click here to read about party unity in the New Hampshire House and Senate

Is partisanship increasing in NH?

Apr 04, 2019
partisanship in Concord

Beginning with George Washington in 1796, elected officials have a longstanding tradition of warning voters of a partisan apocalypse.

In his farewell address Washington said political parties would enable “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men” to destroy democracy.

Gov. Chris Sununu echoed that sentiment in his 2019 inaugural address when he said New Hampshire must “rise above negativity and partisanship.”

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