Business tax credit for childcare?

Feb 05, 2018

This week the New Hampshire House of Representatives will vote on whether businesses should get a tax credit for donations to childcare.

The bill, HB 1681, would apply to donations for construction or renovation of child day care agencies, through the Community Development Finance Authority.

More business tax cuts

Jan 03, 2018
business taxes

Thanks to strong tax revenues in 2017, New Hampshire business taxes will decrease in 2018.

The Legislature passed business tax cuts in 2016, but required revenue to meet certain benchmarks before the tax rates decrease.

In 2018 the Business Profits Tax will decrease from 8.2% to 7.9%. The Business Enterprise Tax will decrease from 0.72% to 0.675%.

Click here to learn more about the debate over business tax rates in New Hampshire.

Legislator advocates for income tax shift

Dec 24, 2016

There is almost no chance of an income tax passing the New Hampshire Legislature this year, but Rep. Paul Henle still thinks representatives should debate the issue.

Income tax debate in 2016?

Sep 28, 2015

Rep. Paul Henle (D-Concord) has requested a 2016 bill to eliminate the statewide property tax, cut business taxes, and introduce an income tax.

“I see it as an economic stimulus,” Henle said in an interview with the Union Leader. “I'm not so wet behind the ears that I do not see a problem introducing an income tax, but so be it.”

Hassan vetoes 'Planet Fitness' bill

Jul 22, 2015

Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) has vetoed HB 550, a tax change motivated by the New Hampshire company Planet Fitness.

Under New Hampshire's business tax structure, a company going public must pay the 8.5% business profits tax on any increase in the company's value from the sale of shares.  In future years, the company is allowed a deduction based on the company's increase in value.  This tax law is unique to New Hampshire.

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