New Hampshire’s Lemon Law

Oct 29, 2018
lemon law car

New Hampshire’s Lemon Law covers vehicles that have a substantial defect, covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which the dealer is not able to fix. 

If state officials agree your vehicle is a lemon, you are entitled to a payment or vehicle of equal value from the dealer.

Should NH use brine on roads?

Mar 26, 2017
road salt versus brine in winter weather

There is a debate in New Hampshire and other states about using liquefied road-clearing materials like brine instead of rock salt.

Brine works quicker and is more effective at preventing ice.  Brine can therefore make roads safer.

However, brine also causes car rust and corrosion more quickly than road salt.  According to an estimate from AAA, the use of brine costs U.S. drivers $3 billion annually.  The damage to cars can also cause safety issues.

Should NH allow tinted car windows?

Jan 02, 2017

Current New Hampshire law forbids tinting your car windows. HB 227, sponsored by Rep. Ryan Smith, aims to change that. 

HB 227 would specifically allow tinting on windows but not the windshield.

Supporters of window tinting argue that it gives drivers privacy and keeps cars cool in the heat.

The New Hampshire Department of Safety and the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police oppose window tinting because it makes it more difficult to assess potential danger when approaching a vehicle.

Good News Garage waiting on Executive Council

Jul 18, 2016

At its July meeting, the state Executive Council deferred action on a contract to provide cars to individuals receiving public assistance.

Good News Garage is a nonprofit that fixes donated cars and provides them to low income individuals referred by the state.  Those individuals must be enrolled in an approved work or training program.

On May 18 the Executive Council received a request to increase the contract with Good News Garage by $275,000.  That would cover 55 more cars.  At every meeting since then, the Council has delayed a vote.

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