Foster family shortage in NH

May 13, 2015

According to the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), there are not enough foster families to accommodate a growing number of foster children in the Granite State.

NHPR reports that 1,000 children will need foster homes in New Hampshire this year, but there are only 600 licensed foster homes in the state.

Grandmother campaigns for new family laws

Jan 10, 2015

Sharon Boucher is campaigning for several family law changes in 2015.

Boucher is the grandmother of Brielle Gage, a toddler who died of blunt force trauma in November.  Katlyn Marin, Brielle's mother, was charged with second-degree murder for the toddler's death.

Boucher is supporting three legislative changes to help other endangered children.

First, Boucher would like a law to eliminate the possibility that children will be sent home with a parent who has criminal charges pending.  Brielle's mother was arrested earlier in 2014 for allegedly beating another child.


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