Libertarians did not "split the ticket" in 2018

Nov 15, 2018
Libertarian ballot

For the first time in twenty years, Libertarians had their own party column on New Hampshire ballots in 2018. Since Democrats took the New Hampshire House and Senate in 2018, it begs the question: did Libertarians "split the ticket" and steal Republican votes in 2018?

The answer seems to be "nope."

Libertarian participation in the 2018 midterm

Libertarians ran in 27 state districts in the general election this year.

Citizens Count launches 950 candidate profiles

Jul 20, 2018
2018 NH candidates

This week Citizens Count launched profile pages for 950 candidates for state and federal office in New Hampshire.

Visit our election pages to see profiles for your candidates

Citizens Count has also sent our 2018 Issue Survey to each candidate, asking them to share their positions on policy issues picked by the Citizens Count community.

Questions cover issues from gun control, to income taxes, to the role of New Hampshire in immigration enforcement.

32 candidates for US House, 6 for governor

Jul 02, 2018
new hampshire primary

The filing period for 2018 candidates closed in June. Voters have a wide array of candidates to choose from in the September 11 primary.

The race for governor

Gov. Chris Sununu doesn’t have a Republican challenger in the primary.

After qualifying for full party status, the Libertarians have two candidates for governor: Aaron Day and Jilletta Jarvis.

What do you want to ask the candidates?

Apr 13, 2018
elections 2018

In just two months candidates for state representative, state senator, executive councilor, and governor will file for the 2018 election. We send each of those candidates a survey on the issues, so voters know where the candidates stand.

We’ve started drafting our 2018 survey, and we want to ask about the issues most important to you. What do you want us to ask the candidates? Let us know in the comments below or send us an email.

In 2016 we asked about the following issues:

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