Optional fee increase for local roads?

Apr 21, 2017
car registration fee for local road repair

Next Thursday, April 27 the state Senate will vote on a bill that would allow towns to add $5 to annual car registrations to fund local transportation improvements.

Current state law already allows towns to charge an additional $5; this bill would increase the maximum optional fee to $10.  Any fee increase would need to be approved through the local legislative process.

Bill supporters note that the optional fee was set in 1997 and has never increased. 

Should children get free admission to state parks?

Feb 02, 2017

SB 217 is a bill to give free admission to state parks and recreation areas for New Hampshire residents under age fifteen. 

Right now the state offers free park admission to anyone under age five or over age sixty-five, and charges a reduced fee for children age six to eleven.

Bill supporters argue that free admission may encourage parents to take their children to park areas, providing youth with opportunities for exercise. If more children are introduced to state parks, they may also be more likely to return to state parks as adults.

Fee increase for White Mountains?

Aug 08, 2016

The White Mountain National Forest is proposing a change to its fee structure.

The proposal increases the cost of a daily pass from $3 to $5 dollars and the cost of an annual pass from $20 to $30.  The proposal also eliminates fees at nine trailheads, among other changes.


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