NH House OK’s home-grown medical marijuana

Mar 07, 2018
home-grown medical marijuana

On Tuesday, March 6 the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a bill that allows medical marijuana patients to grow their marijuana at home.

The bill, HB 1476, allows a patient or caregiver to keep two mature cannabis plants and up to twelve seedlings, with the location reported to the state. A renter would need permission from a landlord to grow medical marijuana.

Supporters of HB 1476 argue that low income patients and patients that live in rural areas have trouble accessing medical marijuana.

Do you support legislation that allows qualifying patients and registered caregivers to grow medicinal marijuana at home?

Dec 28, 2017
home grow medical marijuana

A bill being considered in the 2018 legislative session, HB 1476, would allow patients with medical marijuana identification cards and their caregivers to cultivate their own marijuana.

Current medical marijuana laws

The medical use of marijuana in New Hampshire was authorized in 2013. Legislation at the time included a grow-your-own provision but it was removed from the bill before it became law. Currently, medicinal cannabis is cultivated in state-approved and regulated privately operated facilities.

Should NH users of medicinal pot be asked to voluntarily surrender their guns?

Dec 19, 2017
medical marijuana and guns

Honolulu’s police department recently sent letters to registered medicinal pot users, stating they had 30 days to voluntarily turn in their guns—that is, until public outcry prompted a review and ultimate reversal of the policy.

NH has 5th lowest medical marijuana use

Oct 12, 2017
medical marijuana

According to the Marijuana Policy Project, New Hampshire has the fifth lowest use of medical marijuana among all the states that allow it, and the lowest use in New England. 

Approximately 0.16% of Granite Staters have medical marijuana cards.

Minnesota has the fewest medical marijuana patients, at 0.12% of the state’s population. California has the highest, at 3.83%.

Should marijuana be allowed for acute, not just chronic pain in New Hampshire?

Aug 16, 2017
medical marijuana for pain

New Hampshire, along with 28 other states and the District of Columbia, allow the use of medical marijuana. But only certain chronic conditions are eligible for medical marijuana treatment, by a doctor’s prescription and with the issuance of a state identification card.

Gov. Sununu OKs expansion of medical marijuana

Jul 03, 2017
medical marijuana

Gov. Chris Sununu has signed several bills that increase access to medical marijuana in New Hampshire.

Medical marijuana for police, EMTs, firefighters?

Apr 23, 2017
medical marijuana and first responders

This week saw the passage of a handful of bills expanding New Hampshire’s medical marijuana law. That includes two bills that would add chronic pain as a qualifying condition for use of the drug (a move the CCNH community overwhelmingly supported in a discussion this past March).

The change could see many more patients meet the requirements for receiving a medical marijuana card—but what should this mean for first responders?

Senate votes to expand medical marijuana

Feb 25, 2017

On Thursday, February 23 the New Hampshire Senate passed SB 144, a bill that would give doctors more leeway when recommending medical marijuana for a patient. 

Should qualifying patients be permitted to grow their own marijuana?

Jan 14, 2017

Currently, medicinal marijuana patients in New Hampshire must acquire the drug through one of four licensed dispensaries. However, that could change if HB 472 becomes law. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Renny Cushing, would allow qualifying medicinal marijuana patients or their designated caregivers to grow the drug for therapeutic use.

Medical marijuana for chronic pain?

Jan 04, 2017

This year both the House and Senate will consider bills that would allow medical marijuana to treat chronic pain in New Hampshire.

SB 15, sponsored by Sen. John Reagan, would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana for “severe pain that has not responded to previously prescribed medication or surgical measures or for which other treatment options produced serious side effects.” 


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