No decrease in overdose deaths

Apr 23, 2018
drug overdose death

According to the latest data from the Chief Medical Examiner in New Hampshire, there was almost no change in the number of drug overdose deaths from 2016 to 2017.

There were 485 overdose deaths in 2016, and 483 in 2017.  There are six additional deaths from 2017 that still have pending lab results.

Fentanyl is deadliest opioid

The vast majority of overdose deaths in 2016 and 2017 involved fentanyl. 

Should NH regulate kratom?

Apr 08, 2016

On Wednesday, April 13 a House committee will hold a public hearing on SB 540, a bill to ban the use of kratom by anyone under age eighteen.

Kratom is an herb that acts as a stimulant in small doses and a sedative in larger doses.  Kratom is not regulated by the federal government.

Supporters of kratom argue that the plant can be used to ease the effects of opiate withdrawal, helping addicts stop using drugs such as heroin and fentanyl.

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