More protections for pregnant workers?

Mar 22, 2016

On Thursday, March 24 the Senate will vote on a bill to clarify protections for pregnant workers in New Hampshire.

The bill, SB 488, specifies that employers must allow more frequent breaks, lighter duties, a private room for expressing breast milk, and more, so long as there is not “undue hardship” on the employer.

Better pregnant worker protections?

Jun 08, 2015

New Hampshire's Senators Kelly Ayotte (R) and Jeanne Shaheen (D) are cosponsoring the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, a bill that requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees.

Current law prohibits employers from discriminating against pregnant employees, but does not explicitly require employers to make accommodations.  The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is modeled after the Americans With Disabilities Act, giving pregnant women access to the sort of job modifications an employer is obligated to give an employee with a temporary injury. 

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