Governor signs controversial voter residency bill

Jul 16, 2018
voter residency restrictions

On Friday, July 13 Gov. Chris Sununu signed HB 1264, a bill that requires voters to abide by residency laws.

That means if you want to vote in New Hampshire, you are also obligated to register your car and get your driver’s license from the state government.

Should NH change the definition of “residence” and “domicile” so that a voter must be a resident – not just domiciled – in NH?

Jan 06, 2018
voter residency

On Wednesday, January 3 the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill that revises the definitions of residence and domicile so that a person living in New Hampshire must be a resident in order to vote.

Current law on residency and domicile

Under current state law, there is a difference between “residency” and “domicile.” A person only needs to be domiciled in New Hampshire to vote.

Should NH require new voters to prove they intend to stay in New Hampshire long-term?

Jun 06, 2017
voter residency registration

Over the years the New Hampshire Legislature has proposed many bills aimed at tightening voter regulations. This year, one of those bills is SB 3, which adds new requirements for voter registration.

The bill’s intention is to prevent temporary residents, such as campaign workers, from registering to vote. Those registering within 30 days of an election must show proof that they are not residing in New Hampshire for temporary reasons only. For example, they could show a New Hampshire driver’s license or child’s school registration.

Public hearings on voter registration laws

Feb 06, 2017
voter registration on election day

On Wednesday, February 8 a House committee will hold public hearings on several bills to make voter registration laws stricter in New Hampshire.

For information on how to register to vote in New Hampshire, visit our Voter FAQ.

One bill, HB 403, would end the ability of voters to register on election day after just signing an affidavit swearing that they live in New Hampshire. Instead, voters would have to show proof of domicile such as a driver's license.

House and senate done for the summer

Jun 02, 2016

Wednesday, June 1 was the last day for the state House and Senate to act on 2016 bills.  Here are some of the notable bills the legislature voted on:

HB 1301 allows fourteen and fifteen year-olds to work with a parent's permission, rather than permission from the school principal.  That bill passed the House and Senate and now heads to Gov. Hassan.

House and Senate to vote on voter residency requirement

May 27, 2016

Next Wednesday, June 1 the state House and Senate will vote on SB 4, a bill that would require voters to live in the state at least ten days before voting.

SB 4 already passed the House and Senate once, but the two chambers could not agree on the length of time voters should live in the state. The House wanted to extend the period to thirty days. A conference committee is recommending ten days as a compromise.

House approves 30-day voting delay

May 12, 2016

On Wednesday, May 11 the state House of Representatives voted in favor of SB 4, a bill that requires a voter to live in New Hampshire at least thirty days before voting in an election.

Bill supporters want to stop the practice of "drive-by" voting, in which campaign workers from out-of-state declare New Hampshire as their domicile for a short time, then leave after the election. 

Support for 30-days voting bill

Aug 20, 2015

According to a recent Granite State Poll, 57% of Granite Staters support a bill, SB 179, that requires voters to live in the state at least 30 days before voting.

This is similar to the results of a discussion on the Live Free or Die Alliance Facebook page, in which roughly four-fifths of commenters supported the 30-day requirement.

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