Should NH expand the property tax exemption for RVs?

Apr 01, 2018
property tax exemption for RVs

On Tuesday, April 3 the New Hampshire House will have a public hearing on SB 403, a bill that would expand the property tax exemption for campers and other recreational vehicles (RVs).

Current taxation of RVs

Under current state law, any RV with a width under 8 feet 6 inches is exempt from property taxes, so long as the RV has a valid motor vehicle registration and license plate. The RV also cannot be permanently sited at a campground and used for year-round residence.

Should NH residents be allowed to live in RVs?

Jul 15, 2016

In Rochester, dozens of residents living in RVs year-round within a campground may be forced to move if the city wins a court case against the campground owners.

The lawsuit results from a notice of violation the city sent last summer that directed the owners to stop renting out recreational vehicles located on their property.

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