Voter registration in the Granite State

Sep 27, 2018
voter registration

Tuesday, September 25 was National Voter Registration Day. Any citizen age eighteen or older who is living in New Hampshire may register to vote with the town clerk where he or she lives at any time up to ten days before the election – or they can also register at the polls on Election Day.

Unlike in many states, New Hampshire does not automatically register voters at the DMV.

Voter ID in the Granite State

Sep 11, 2018
voter ID

In 2018 thirty-four states, including New Hampshire, require voters to present ID at the polls.

In each of those states, if a voter does not show ID, he or she may sign an affidavit or cast some form of provisional ballot that requires additional verification.

NH’s voter ID law

In general, New Hampshire law requires voters to present a valid form of ID to get a ballot. The following are accepted IDs:

Governor signs controversial voter residency bill

Jul 16, 2018
voter residency restrictions

On Friday, July 13 Gov. Chris Sununu signed HB 1264, a bill that requires voters to abide by residency laws.

That means if you want to vote in New Hampshire, you are also obligated to register your car and get your driver’s license from the state government.

Should NH change the definition of “residence” and “domicile” so that a voter must be a resident – not just domiciled – in NH?

Jan 06, 2018
voter residency

On Wednesday, January 3 the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill that revises the definitions of residence and domicile so that a person living in New Hampshire must be a resident in order to vote.

Current law on residency and domicile

Under current state law, there is a difference between “residency” and “domicile.” A person only needs to be domiciled in New Hampshire to vote.

Do you agree with the statement from former White House policy adviser Steve Bannon that President Donald Trump lost New Hampshire in 2016 because of voter fraud?

Nov 13, 2017

Steve Bannon, who left the White House in April 2017 to return to his work as executive chairman of Breitbart News, attended a fundraiser last Thursday night in New Hampshire for the conservative group 603 Alliance.

“I believe strongly – and I’m prepared to put money where my mouth is – that we won the state of New Hampshire,” said Bannon.

2016 election results in NH

Results certified by the New Hampshire secretary of state gave former secretary of state Hillary Clinton 348,526 votes (46.98 percent) to Trump’s total of 345,790 (46.61 percent).

2 lawsuits against new voter registration law

Aug 24, 2017
voter registration

The New Hampshire Democratic Party and the League of Women Voters of New Hampshire, along with three individual voters, have filed lawsuits against the new voter registration law passed this spring.

The law, SB 3, requires new voters to show documentation that proves they intend to stay in New Hampshire in the long-term.  Voters can still register and vote on election day without documentation, but they must present the documentation to town officials within thirty days or face an investigation.

Voters will need to prove domicile

Jul 12, 2017
voter registration laws, voter ID

This week Gov. Chris Sununu signed SB 3, a bill that requires voters to prove their intent to stay in New Hampshire long-term. 

The bill has the biggest impact on voters who register within thirty days of an election.  Those voters must show proof they will be at their address long-term.  This proof could be a lease, driver's license, a child's enrollment at a public school, or other similar document.  

Should NH require new voters to prove they intend to stay in New Hampshire long-term?

Jun 06, 2017
voter residency registration

Over the years the New Hampshire Legislature has proposed many bills aimed at tightening voter regulations. This year, one of those bills is SB 3, which adds new requirements for voter registration.

The bill’s intention is to prevent temporary residents, such as campaign workers, from registering to vote. Those registering within 30 days of an election must show proof that they are not residing in New Hampshire for temporary reasons only. For example, they could show a New Hampshire driver’s license or child’s school registration.

Voter investigation powers for Sec. of State?

May 16, 2017
voter ID and fraud

This Thursday, May 18 the New Hampshire Senate will vote on a bill that would give the Secretary of State power to investigate possible voter fraud.

The bill, HB 552, specifically allows the Secretary of State to look into letters that were undeliverable to voters who arrived at the polls without identification.  Under state law those voters must sign and return a letter that is sent after the election.  

Right now the duty to investigate unreturned letters lies with the Attorney General.

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