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Citizens Count Announces Partnership with Granite State News Collaborative


Citizens Count is working in partnership with Granite State News Collaborative, a robust group of media, educational and professional outlets working together to add missing dimensions to coverage of issues of concern in New Hampshire. The collaborative is looking at the state’s new hub-and-spoke drug treatment program topic as part of their premiere project, Granite Solutions, which provides in-depth, evidence-based reporting on behavioral health.

In 2018, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services won a $45 million grant to help fund a new statewide system for curbing opioid addiction. The new “hub and spoke” program, which kicked off at the beginning of this year, creates an organized network of treatment providers for those battling addiction.

With the collaborative, we are gathering insight from Granite State citizens about the program. Do you or a loved one have experience with this new program? Or, are you familiar with the earlier system?  Your comments and stories may be shared with journalists working on related stories. Visit:

Thank you to our sponsors and donors