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SB 126 (2021)

Omnibus bill for renters, covering rental assistance, housing discrimination, and more


This is an omnibus bill related to renters and landlords.

First, the bill repeals the option for 7 days' notice to evict a tenant for neglect or refusal to pay rent due and in arrears.  The Senate amended this part of the bill to instead revise the circumstances under which a tenant can stop eviction by paying overdue rent.  For example, a tenant can only stop the eviction process by paying overdue rent three times in one year.

Second, this bill limits the ability of a municipality to deny rental assistance due to substandard housing.  The Senate removed this part of the bill.

This bill then enables rental assistance prior to an eviction notice.

Lastly, this bill rewrites New Hampshire's fair housing law, adding more pathways to a court case.  The Senate amended this part of the bill to remove the new pathways but still rewrite the fair housing law.  For example, the rewritten law includes a ban on "blockbusting," the practice of persuading owners to sell property because of the fear of certain types of people moving into a neighborhood.

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