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100 dollars plus mileage legislator pay

$100 Plus Mileage is a podcast about what’s going on in the New Hampshire Legislature that probably hasn’t made the news but still could impact you. Hosts Anna Brown and Mike Dunbar give you the unbiased facts, pros, and cons, and highlight opportunities for you to get involved and make your voice heard.

$100 Plus Mileage is brought to you by Citizens Count and the Granite State News Collaborative.


Should NH legalize historic horse racing?

Should NH add legal protections for “displaying” a firearm?

Do NH students need protection from school lunch debt policies?

Should private hunting preserves pay more taxes if they keep invasive species?

Should the state be prohibited from using facial recognition technology without a search warrant?

Should NH make “cyberflashing” a crime?

Should NH open the door for microblading at beauty salons?

Should NH require towns to allow tiny houses?

Should towns be allowed to process absentee ballots early?

Should NH allow hobby distilling of liquor?

Bonus Episode: What's in a name? 

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