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Why was Citizens Count  formed?  

Citizens Count was formed to make citizen engagement  easier in New Hampshire, based on the premise  that greater engagement on the part of citizens will lead  to  better government policies.  

How does Citizens Count help people like me?  

Prior to 1985, the New Hampshire Legislature reviewed 250 bills per year, but today there are over 1,000 and this number doesn't even take local issues into account. The vast majority of New Hampshire citizens are unaware of what topics these bills address, what impact they would have, and where elected officials stand on these issues.  This reduced engagement has left special interest groups with ever-increasing power to influence New Hampshire government. For this reason, New Hampshire citizens need tools that can keep them connected, active, and able to make an impact on their government. We provide  these citizenship tools. ​  

Is Citizens Count truly nonpartisan?  

We are vigorously nonpartisan with an emphasis on citizen engagement, not politics. Citizens Count is not against political parties or special interests. Rather, we welcome  people of all political persuasions. We do not take a pro or con position on any policy or endorse candidates. Our community network of citizens sets the agenda, proposes and debates issues, and takes action as individuals. We are the only major  initiative of this kind serving the people of New Hampshire.

How can people join our community?  

Everyone has access to our website. By becoming a member of our community, you can sign up for our newsletter, participate in online discussions, and submit feedback on proposed bills. Join our community through our website at or send an email to or snail mail to Citizens Count, 5 Batchelder Road, Seabrook, NH 03874.  See a list of our members.  

How is Citizens Count funded?

As a registered 501(c)(3) in the state of New Hampshire, we are funded by donations, corporate sponsors, and grants. Make a tax-deductible donation to support our work.  

Can someone from Citizens Count speak at my event? 

Please send your request with your organization name, the audience demographics, date and time to 

Thank you to our sponsors and donors