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piggy bank wearing a face mask
Add to the gas tax. It will hardly be noticable right now. Estate tax over a million. Lodging taxes, especially on short term rentals would not hurt residents. Sales tax on some luxury goods and guns.
- Maureen turgeon   May 16, 2020
piggy bank wearing a face mask
Add to the gas tax. It will hardly be noticable right now. Estate tax over a million. Lodging taxes, especially on short term rentals would not hurt residents. Sales tax on some luxury goods and guns.
- Maureen turgeon   May 16, 2020
lemon law car
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- csjual alatberat   May 13, 2020
My question is, and no one has any information on this, is when my child is bullied outside of school. The school can only do so much. The parents of the other child refuses to do anything, but because there is no proof the police will not do anything except tell them to stay away from each other. This only works if the other child listens. My child will not get physical because he doesn't want to hurt anyone, as well as get into trouble. Does any one know how I can handle this?
- Nicolle Douglas   May 12, 2020
statue wearing a face mask
It's so great to see that the small people whom also play a big part in this epidemic and risk their lives daily on less than minimum wage get nothing.. If your grocery stores closed down and your food supplies cut short it would be another crisis. We're important too and you only call Front Line workers that deserve that extra help are your doctors, nurses, emts, fire fighters, and law enforcement...Am beside myself after reading this and realize who really is important here and who is not. I am a grocery store worker and the risks we take daily are far and beyond, we supply our own masks, gloves, sanitizers, cleaners, we have plastic wrap as a shield!Plastic wrap, seriously...and we continue to serve people risking ours n our families lives just as much as the next person. All people on the frontlines are equally risking their lives daily, we struggle daily to keep people distanced, safe, including ourselves, taking care of our families on what little we have,the daily stresses of food prices soaring are hurting many of us, people hoarding, fighting, lack of associates due to fear or at risk, etc... We don't get hazard pay, vacations, sick time, not even benefits, but those of whom ur giving more to, more than half of those workers have all of that. Am just one small voice here but enough is enough. I'm sick and tired of being made to feel as if we are under appreciated for all that we do, we go unnoticed more often than not. The occasional customer who comes in everyday and says "Thank you for being here", " It's not right you're left out". Those few people who recognize us are the ones who make my job a little brighter in that moment. I personally as well as the most amazing coworker's whom I work with daily, I myself have been there almost 2 years now, called out once due to an emergancy, fought homelessness for a year and still showed up every day, those are the ppl who deserve our appreciation more than they know, those whom are fighting for us as equals. I go to work and sit for a hour daily in my car to alleviate the anxiety that fills me not knowing what that day will bring. It's going to be ok though, we at least recognize ourselves and our part, I guess that counts for something. So basically in the end; if you're unemployed because you weren't essential you benefit, and everyone in the healthcare, legal, and fire department are the only essential frontline workers from what I read above who can really use the Stipends/extra money because they're not already making enough, and as we have been considered front line in the beginning are nobody now pretty much..Well stop eating and drinking people because that's not essential for life to continue on, you'll survive, in my opinion as polite as one could be these are my personal feelings along with many others that had to be said. Have a wonderful day, and thank you to all of us essential workers out there for your bravery and services that each of us have played a very important part in to fight this. We're all deserving in my eyes.
- Myla Randall   May 08, 2020
statue wearing a face mask
Where in the constitution does this power come from?
- Robert Kilkelly   May 02, 2020
If a person is legally permitted to carry a firearm for all lawful purposes in defense of life and liberty, in a constitutional-carry state, one cannot assume that riding any particular motor vehicle precludes that person from their rights under any other circumstances. A persons constitutional rights are (should be) pervasively protected regardless of the method of travel. How does an ATV or snowmobile differ from a car or motorcycle? ...or being on foot for that matter? When we start parsing any of our bill of rights (which ARE civil rights) we stand to lose any of the others: Speech, Religion, Due Process, Speedy Trial, etc.
- Travis Shores   Apr 26, 2020
No Trump
- Shawn Stoudt   Apr 21, 2020
I am a small business owner in NH and have been since 1985. in the past 35 years, as a full-time antique dealer, certified appraiser and shop owner my business has never been so severely ravaged as this abrupt interruption caused by Ncovid-19 In Stimulus #3 you convinced us we'd be able to access $10,000 EIDL loans within 3 days and it has been several weeks and no one is talking about them anymore. We are the backbone, blood, and oxygen that keeps New Hampshire tourism alive. We are just beginning to see the devastation of losing a summer season. Please keep your word and fund the $10,000 EIDL loans for small businesses that are holding on by a thread. Catherine S. Dragonfly 839 Route 16 - White Mountain Highway Ossipee, NH 03894 603-569-0000
- Catherine Dragonfly   Apr 19, 2020
girl on bus wearing mask
Wow! You need to google: Empty Hospitals You Tube. This pandemic is turning out to be a big lie. Hospitals all over our country including Hawaii ARE EMPTY! Even the ones in NYC!! Absolutely we do not want and should never allow any cell phone tracking of human beings. We need to be sure that all those involved in this lie are held accountable. Private citizens have videoed all these empty hospitals, no lines, no testing, Empty tents, ambulance drivers sitting idle watching their cell phones. America needs to wake up!!! What about that Harvard professor taking money from China and working in one of their labs?? Wake up!!
- Pamela Kendall   Apr 11, 2020


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