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I am a resident of Bedford and back on January 16th 2020 I purchased a foreclosed house at a auction that has been vacant for the past 2 years. I have been working with my closing company and the bank, the owner of the property. Due to delays we were scheduled to close this week. Then on March 17th Governor Sununu placed a no foreclose or eviction in place. Along with that he put a stop on all foreclosure deeds filed by the state. I don't understand why in a case like mine where I purchased a house and was schedule to close all ready they can shut that down. This in no way affects anyone living in the current property, which is unoccupied. It is unconstitutional to just up and cancel something that in no way is related to the real issue of foreclosure and evictions of tenants that can't pay rent in the current situation. I would like to bring this to your attention and reconsider the way that the foreclosure and eviction document is interpreted.
- Randy Rickenbach   Mar 19, 2020
masked statue
Thank you for the public information statement during this situation.
- tom ploszaj   Mar 18, 2020
I am curious if there are plans to expand the state owned nursing homes. Based on the rapid aging of our population, by 2030 1/3 of NH residents will be 65 or older (DHHS, 2016). I understand the goal is to provide the least restrictive living environment as possible but not everyone will be able to remain in the community with supports. Constructing new wings to existing LTC facilities or building new ones is monumental task and I wonder if there is a committee to study the feasibility and the long range plan. Thank you, Chrystine Collins-Blums
- Chrystine Collins-Blums   Mar 09, 2020
HB 1506 (2020) Just ENFORCE the laws we have now!
- Fred A. Hippler   Mar 07, 2020
I would like to support Dan Feltes,but please urge him to vote no on bill sb 758 this would be a disaster for n.h.citizens
- Jeffrey Argereow   Mar 06, 2020
If you read this Mr President Trump, minimum wage needs to be raised or something else done because people can not make it on the 7.50 an hour that were currently at!
- Chaz Rushing   Mar 06, 2020
People in jail get three meals a day for free well that we the citizens pay for. We put our kids in school so why should they not get three free meals a day? Why not make free lunch for public schools across the nation
- Mignon Diaz   Feb 28, 2020
Every prison and every jail gets 3meals a day for free. We force children to go to school so why should they be forced to pay for their meals?
- Mignon Diaz   Feb 28, 2020
I really like the fact that you do not want to legalize marijuana I think that's the smartest and best thing that I have heard and read yet. but what are your thoughts on implementing a free lunch program across the nation?
- Mignon Diaz   Feb 28, 2020
I would like to know what your thoughts on implementing free lunch programs and all schools?
- Mignon Diaz   Feb 28, 2020


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