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As a registered New Hampshire nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of donors and sponsors to fund our organization. Every donor becomes part of the Citizens Count community. Become a member by donating today!

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Information: Our staff conducts unbiased research and analysis on every bill that is introduced in New Hampshire. That is often more than 850 bills annually. We also track and update more than 100 important issues, and keep you informed on elected officials and statewide elections.

Engagement: Our mission is to give you the information so you can make decisions on New Hampshire elections, issues, and candidates. We do this work without taking sides or endorsing any candidates.

Connection: Our online tools make it easier for you to connect with your elected officials and engage with them on issues you care about.

Every dollar counts so whether you donate $5 or $500 you help the Citizens Count community grow. Thank you for your support!


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