What We Do

Citizens Count is a nonprofit that provides the people of New Hampshire with the tools and information they need to make a difference. We research and profile every candidate for state or federal office in the Granite State.  We make it easy to learn what's happening with key issues, from gun rights and drug policy to health care and renewable energy. We build connections between people and their elected officials, helping them share their story and make an impact. We do it all without any bias or agenda, because we believe that democracy works best when we all have a seat at the table.  

Here are just some of the services we provide:

In-depth candidate research: Every election, we help tens of thousands of Granite Staters cast a more informed vote.   That’s thanks to our objective, in-depth profiles on all New Hampshire’s candidates for state or federal office. We survey and research roughly 900 candidates every election cycle, making us by far the most comprehensive resource for elections information in the state.   

Legislation tracking: CitizensCount.org is the only place you’ll find every piece of legislation going through the state Legislature summarized in plain English and organized by topic. We also provide clear, comprehensive, up-to-date articles on those topics, explaining New Hampshire’s laws and highlighting current debates. This means we're the first and best place thousands of New Hampshire citizens go to get answers to their questions about everything from gun laws to energy policy. 

Make your voice heard: We leverage technology to facilitate connections between the people of New Hampshire. We build powerful tools Granite Staters can use to easily contact their representatives about issues they care about. We also conduct targeted, thoughtful outreach to solicit input on important New Hampshire issues. This work leads to better policies informed by stories and insights from real people. 

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Our mission 

Citizens Count℠ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to serve New Hampshire citizens by:

  • providing objective information about issues and candidates
  • promoting the civil exchange of opinions in a variety of forums, online and in person
  • connecting citizens with their elected officials

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