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New Hampshire legislators have requested hundreds of bills for 2021. The legislature has yet to publish all of the bill texts. Citizens Count will continue to add bills to this page as their text is released. Our analysts read every single bill and summarize it in plain language so you can easily discover what's really up for debate. Interested in testifying for or against a bill this year? Read our tutorial.

Need help navigating the Statehouse website? Check out our helpful guide.

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Bill Number Became Law? Description
SB 75 (2021) Active Require daily data update on COVID-19 in schools
SB 76 (2021) No Lower tax for less risky tobacco products
SB 77 (2021) Yes Increase fees for sheriff services
SB 78 (2021) No

Changes languages in the law governing the renewable energy fund, so…

SB 79 (2021) Active Authorizes a town or ward moderator to conduct a verification count of…
SB 80 (2021) No Independent redistricting commission
SB 81 (2021) Active Requires school districts to offer unused facilities to chartered public…
SB 82 (2021) No Increase state funding for full-day kindergarten
SB 83 (2021) No Elections omnibus bill, covering legible campaign finance reports to online voter registration and more
SB 84 (2021) Yes

This bill changes the law governing how property owners must post…

SB 85 (2021) Yes Broadband matching grant program
SB 86 (2021) Active Housing Conservation Planning Program and miscellaneous property rights
SB 87 (2021) Yes Local spending omnibus bill
SB 88 (2021) Yes

This bill make some small changes to the creation of communications…

SB 89 (2021) Yes Elections omnibus bill, covering "For the People Act" to post-election audits and more
SB 90 (2021) No Increase public access to redistricting process
SB 91 (2021) Yes Energy omnibus bill, covering net metering to energy storage systems and more
SB 92 (2021) Active

This bill increases the penalty for vandalizing public property from a…

SB 93 (2021) Yes Add flexibility in permanency planning under Child Protection Act
SB 94 (2021) Yes

Clarifies the procedure for obtaining a needs assessment through…

SB 95 (2021) No Allow and regulate virtual government meetings, increase penalty for privacy violations
SB 96 (2021) Yes Law enforcement reform omnibus bill, covering implicit bias training for judges to body cameras and more
SB 97 (2021) Yes

This bill requires health insurance to cover service included under an…

SB 98 (2021) Active Incentive program for SNAP beneficiaries to buy fresh fruit and veggies
SB 99 (2021) No Increase meals & rooms tax revenue for municipalities
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