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Vice presidential nominee, Libertarian Party (2016); Governor, Massachusetts (1991 - 1997); Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, U.S. Justice Department (1986 - 1988); U.S. Attorney General, Massachusetts (1981 - 1986)

Married; Children: 5
BA Classics, Harvard College,
JD Harvard Law School,
Home Address
Boston, MA


These issue positions are derived from the annual Citizens Count issue surveys or candidate websites, social media posts, media interviews, voting records, and other sources.

Crime and Public Safety

Should the government enforce federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized marijuana?
Should the federal government limit certain firearm purchases to residents over age twenty-one?

Economy, Budget and Taxes

Do you generally support higher tariffs on imports from countries such as China, where we have a large trade deficit?
Should the federal government privatize some or all of Social Security?
Do you believe the "Trump tax plan" bill passed in December 2017 helps middle income citizens?


Should the federal government allow student loan payments to be reduced based on income?

Energy and Environment

Do you agree with President Trump on withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement?

Health Care

Should the federal government amend the Affordable Care Act/"Obamacare" by eliminating the "essential health benefits" insurance plans must cover?

Social Issues

Should the U.S. build a physical wall between Mexico and the U.S.?
Should the government enforce federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized marijuana?


This candidate did not hold office as a legislator in the most recent session, and therefore does not have a voting record available.

Campaign Finances

Weld announced his presidential campaign after the March 31 Federal Election Commission deadline, and therefore has not yet filed campaign finance data.


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