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NH Governor

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Position on Issues

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH legalize the recreational use of marijuana?

"I oppose marijuana legalization."

Other, 2016

"I am open to a responsible increase in the federal minimum wage, provided there is a strong economic and moral case for it. I am opposed to establishing a state minimum wage."

Other, 2018

"I would not repeal or pull back the job-creating business tax cuts I signed into law last year. Tax relief is working for New Hampshire. More people are working than ever before in our state's history, we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and the highest median income in America. Repealing these tax cuts would send us in the wrong direction.

"I fought tirelessly to ensure that New Hampshire's small businesses would not be forced to collect internet sales tax by drafting legislation and calling the Legislature back for a special session. While a majority of the Democrats in the Legislature voted against the final bill, I will not stop fighting for our small businesses. We must protect the New Hampshire advantage."

Voting Record, 2018

Chris Sununu supported SB 193, a bill that would have created "education savings accounts" similar to a school voucher program. Gov. Sununu wrote in a press release: "Today, the House listened to parents across the Granite State. Our legislature has signaled to families that we are focused on the kids, giving parents and children the ability to choose the education path that is best suited for them. This is the first step in ensuring that New Hampshire's education system continues to be on the forefront of innovation, closing the opportunity gap and opening pathways like never before, regardless of economic status. I applaud the House of Representatives for reaching a compromise that puts New Hampshire families first. We will continue to champion this groundbreaking legislation and will work with members of the Senate as this bill moves through the process and reaches my desk."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2014

Should NH add an income tax on earned income?

"I support property taxes over a sales or income tax."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2014

Should NH add a broad-based sales tax?

"I support property taxes over a sales or income tax."

Citizens Count Issue Survey, 2016

Should NH pass stricter gun control laws?

"I oppose stricter gun control laws."

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