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Candidate's Website, 2019

"When the average student earns a degree in New Hampshire, it comes with a dubious distinction. Debt, a ton of debt. Per capita, New Hampshire has the highest student debt in the nation, and it is setting our children up for failure. Every young person should have the opportunity to earn and receive a quality, affordable education. The current model makes that difficult without significant means. I believe that we can adopt a program that allows young people to earn reduced tuition benefits through the performance of public service, much like I did when I joined the Army and paid for college with the GI Bill. Public service doesn't mean military service. By working with colleges, universities, and trade schools, we can adopt a metric by which a degree can be earned through a combination of public service and enhanced grant programs. This formula will unlock the potential of the next generation and instill a sense of community and values."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, many Republicans have campaigned on the message of 'repeal and replace.' They have gotten it half right. The ACA is a bureaucratic mess that is destined to collapse under its own weight. Hard working citizens continue to shell out far too much money for health care that is difficult to access and lacks in quality. Insurance companies are calling the shots, and that is wrong. Health care decisions lie between you and your doctor. Unfortunately, we have failed to create a common-sense plan to replace the ACA. The model needs to change. People should be able to feel confident in shopping for services based on the quality of care and affordability. Why should the free market principle be absent in health care? It shouldn't. If providers want to attract business, that should be done by offering a better product and an affordable cost structure. This will improve patient outcomes and return a sense of personal responsibility in the most important area of our lives: our health."

Candidate's Website, 2019

"Make no mistake, border security and illegal immigration are about national security. This issue can be addressed through cooperation, the application of law, and the proper allocation of existing resources.

"Our current representation has failed to come together and develop an effective strategy. Enhancing the security of our borders is not 'anti-immigration.' A weak border allows free access to our citizens by those with anti-American intentions and motivated by radical ideologies. It is an avenue by which many of the drugs, human trafficking, and illegal weapons that are fueling our crisis of addiction flow into the U.S.

"Illegal immigration threatens our economy, our educational system, our public safety, and our democracy. Instead, we are rewarding those who enter this country illegally at the expense of American taxpayers. American citizenship is a privilege that comes with responsibilities. It must be earned.

"If you enter this country by breaking our laws, I believe achieving citizenship should be off the table."

Candidate's Twitter Feed, 2020

"As your Senator I will never support raising the minimum wage. The free market and job performance automatically accounts for proper wages. Raising the minimum wage will hurt small businesses and pass costs onto the consumer. This is an attempt to control you."

WMUR, 2020

"My big problem with marijuana is that it could be an entry drug and a gateway for our children. And I don't not want our children to be introduced to drugs. We have a big enough drug problem here, which nobody has really done anything about, right. And we need to get strong on that. So a gateway drug for our kids. I'm very concerned about that. Really, if you're smoking marijuana in your you know, you're an adult. You're smoking marijuana on your back porch in your home. Um, you know, OK, I get that. But when you get in a motor vehicle and you drive, your sobriety is impaired, and that is very, very dangerous. And until we get controls or some sort of system and technology in place for our police to be able to test sobriety of people that that are operating under the influence of marijuana, this is a public safety issue. And this is what I worry about, right? I realized, you know marijuana has gone through an evolution right, and there are people out there that enjoy it. I guess that's what she means by recreational marijuana. Uh, you're you know, you're gonna do this in your home. You're not gonna hurt anybody. You're not gonna go out and drive. You're not going to use machinery. Your you're not going to use firearms. So on so forth. Okay, Um, I'm not gonna bother you, but where I draw the line is when it affects our children, introduces them to other drugs and when it becomes a public safety issue. So we got some work to do before we can outright legalize any of that so. That's my position on that."

WMUR, 2020

"I fully support the Second Amendment. I will net not let anybody do anything to the Second Amendment. More importantly, I believe in gun rights. I don't believe in the red flag laws. I don't believe that we need any more regulation on our guns, and I certainly won't support any more regulation on on gun control. This is about people control. This is about accountability of people. People are the ones that do bad things."

WMUR, 2020

"The federal government does not need to do anything to slow the spread. It must be locally controlled and handled. The bottom up approach, communities, colleges, businesses, hospitals, doing the right thing. ... The federal government is not going to solve your problems. It is only going to get in your way."
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