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This official has served a partial term in office.

Rep. Hyland resigned in January 2022.

These objective, nonpartisan measures are used to show this legislator's activities at the Statehouse in 2021 and 2022. The measures are not intended to present a ranking or rating of any kind. Average is that of all state elected officials in this chamber.
Session days attended
83% Present
Average 91%
Party unity score/partisanship
98% With Party
Average 94%
Participated in official roll call votes
81% Roll Call Votes
Average 88%
Bills sponsored (as prime sponsor)
0 Prime Sponsored Bills
Average 3
Prime sponsored bills that became law
0 Became Law
Average 1

Voting Record

HB 1 (2021)

State budget bill.  The governor presented his version of the next state budget February 11.  The House passed a revised version of his budget on April 7.  The Senate passed a different version on June 3.  The House and Senate passed a final version on June 24. Click here to read a summary of the 2021 budget proposals.

HB 121 (2021)

Establishes a fifteen member independent redistricting commission, appointed by House and Senate party leaders after an application process.

HB 177 (2021)

Prohibits the siting of new landfills, excluding expansions of existing landfills, within 2 miles of state parks. "State parks" do not include state historic sites and recreational rail trails.

The House voted to add this bill to SB 103, but the Senate rejected that change.

HB 2 (2021)

State budget bill (part 2). The governor presented his version of the next state budget February 11.  The House passed a revised version of his budget on April 7.  The Senate passed a different version on June 3. The House and Senate passed a final version on June 24.  Click here to read a summary of the budget proposals.

HB 227 (2021)

Allows a landlord to evict a tenant at the expiration of the term of the lease or tenancy, if the term is longer than six months.  The House amended the bill to also require the landlord to give 30 days' notice.

HB 458 (2021)

Repeals the the law that requires public middle schools and high schools to provide menstrual hygiene products at no cost. This bill then permits school health departments "to make reasonable efforts to secure, through grants and donations, and distribute menstrual hygiene products to students in need."

HB 542 (2021)

Excludes religious gatherings from any prohibition on in-person gatherings during a state of emergency.  The House amended the bill to more broadly protect religious activities. The Senate amended the bill to narrow its scope again; the Senate version requires the state to allow religious services and other activities to proceed to the same or greater extent as other essential business activity during a state of emergency.

HB 625 (2021)

Prohibits abortion after 24 weeks gestation, unless there is a medical emergency.  There are no exceptions for rape or incest.

The House and Senate added a similar ban to the 2021 state budget bill.

SB 141 (2021)

Authorizes the FBI to conduct all National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) searches concerning the purchase, sale, and transfer of firearms through Federal Firearm Licensees operating in New Hampshire. This bill then abolishes the "gun line" in the State Police and repeals the state’s partial point of contact system for handguns, allowing the authority to remain exclusively with the FBI.

SB 61 (2021)

Right-to-work bill that prohibits collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join or contribute to a labor union.

SB 89 (2021)

The House voted to add a new section to the bill that states New Hampshire election laws will not be affected by the passage of the federal "For the People Act."  Supporters argue that this is an important measure to protect the integrity of New Hampshire elections from federal interference.  Opponents argue it is unconstitutional to attempt to nullify federal laws, and this measure could require New Hampshire to run two separate election systems, one for state officials and one for federal officials.

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