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Alcohol for 20-year-olds?


A bill being considered by the New Hampshire Legislature, HB 1753, would allow 20-year-olds to drink on private property, but it would still be illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under age 21. Twenty year-olds would also still be prohibited from drinking in bars and restaurants. Read more about this issue. 

"Should NH allow 20-year-olds to consume alcohol on private property, but not in bars or other public places?"

Discussion held on Citizens Count NH website and Facebook page February 4, 2018

171 citizens responded 85 citizens were in favor of allowing 20-year-olds to drink28 citizens were opposed to allowing 20-year-olds to drink 58 citizens said other
What Participants Said

Yes: 85 citizens were in favor of allowing 20-year-olds to consume alcohol on private property.

  • “NH is only one of very few states that don't allow this already. If I choose to allow my adult children to have a drink in my own home, it's not anyone's business.”
  • “Yes. It’s private property, as long as they don't drive off or show-off on the front lawn with a beer.”
  • “Yes. Do not demonize it like we have done.  It attracts those who want to rebel even more.”

No: 28 citizens were opposed to allowing 20-year-olds to consume alcohol on private property.

  • “No. The drinking (and smoking) age is and should be 21 for a reason. It is when the brain is developed.”
  • “Probably not, enough drunken idiots on the road already.”
  • “NH will be putting their highway funds in jeopardy if they change the minimum age law … and for what reason? Extremely bad idea.”

Other: 58 citizens addressed their comments to related questions and issues.
A majority of these commenters called for the drinking age to be lowered to 18:

  • “18. If they're old enough to serve in the military and/or get married, they're old enough to drink.”
  • “Stop treating 18 year olds like children if they can go to war, live on their own. They can drink and face the consequences like adults. That's the problem. Keep raising the bar all you get is older children.”
  • “I think the drinking age should be 18 because they are drinking anyway so might as well make it legal. It's not like they're going to stop. Germans drink at 16 and are just fine. Why can't we do the same?”

*Editor selection of actual participant quotes.

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