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Jan 26, 2017

On the heels of recent votes to legalize recreational marijuana in the neighboring states of Maine and Massachusetts, a New Hampshire bill, HB 656, would legalize and tax marijuana cultivation and use for persons age twenty-one and older here in the Granite State. The bill outlines various regulations, from the ability of municipalities to control the location of marijuana establishments, to labels disclosing the THC in each serving of a marijuana product. Read more about this issue here. 

Should NH legalize the recreational use of marijuana?

Discussion held on Citizens Count NH website and Facebook page January 26, 2017

1490 citizens responded1338 citizens were in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana in NH93 citizens were opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana in NH59 citizens said other

What Participants Said

Yes: 1338 citizens were in favor of making recreational marijuana legal in NH.

  • “Imagine the revenue the state could gain from legalizing something that's never killed anybody. Every other state in New England has accepted marijuana, it's time for NH to make that change.”
  • “It's far safer than alcohol, and the decision to consume it is not up to anyone but the consumer… Also, the war on drugs is causing more problems than the actual drugs themselves.”
  • “It's a beautiful, useful plant and should be legalized everywhere.”

No: 93 citizens were against making recreational marijuana legal in NH.

  • “Marijuana is a powerful drug… it should be a regulated prescription for those who need it.”
  • “Let Maine and Massachusetts be the pot [capitals] of New England.”
  • “Marijuana prohibition is a costly and harmful policy that should have been ended a long time ago. But no, it should not happen in the form of this bill, which is riddled with unnecessary meddling and taxation.”

Other: 59 citizens commented on related questions and issues instead. 
These included:

  • Policy process: “Put the vote to the people.”
  • Comparisons with alcohol: “What is the difference between smoking weed and drinking?”
  • Other implications: “If you have a job that does drug testing or you run heavy equipment or drive trucks, you will still not be allowed to smoke.”

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Chris Jay
- Manchester

Wed, 10/31/2018 - 1:12pm

This is not about primarily about the health effects of marijuana or how dangerous it is (it is worse than tobacco, because if children use it/are exposed to it, it drastically impacts their brain development). However, it needs to be illegal because - whether we like it or not - this is a gateway drug to stronger drugs. It is no good to say that if we regulate it and etc. it will magically become disassociated with stronger more dangerous drugs. It won't. Let's be honest. In our culture, our society, marijuana is associated with other drugs, and legalizing it won't change that, period. That leads in to the next obvious step: if we legalize marijuana, why not legalize all drugs? The EXACT same arguments apply, 100%.

John Lemay
- Manchester

Sat, 10/27/2018 - 9:42pm

Legalize and tax the hell out of it. Cigarettes are more dangerous than weed.

Related Bill

HB 656 (2017)
Bill Status: Interim Study
Hearing date: Feb 13, 2018

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