Do you support a state contract with Planned Parenthood to provide family planning services to low income residents?

Nov 06, 2017

BY: Citizens Count

On Wednesday, November 8 the New Hampshire Executive Council will vote on giving state and federal dollars to ten health care providers who offer family planning services to low income residents. Those providers include Planned Parenthood.

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About the contracts

The contracts total just under $3 million over two years.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England will receive about $550,000.

According to the state, the covered services include:

"contraception, pregnancy testing and counseling, achieving pregnancy, basic infertility services, preconception health and prevention testing, cancer screening, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STI) for women and men of reproductive age. ... No abortion services are provided through these Agreements."

Necessary services for low income residents?

Supporters point out that low income residents are less likely to have access to quality health care, including family planning. Meanwhile an unplanned pregnancy is associated with many negative outcomes, such as lower educational achievement and lower income.

Supporters also note that there is a growing need for testing and treatment for STIs due to the opioid abuse epidemic.

A subsidy for abortion providers?

Opponents argue that even though the contract funds cannot be used for any abortion services, the contracts still support organizations that offer abortion. They believe pro-life taxpayers should not be forced to give any money to abortion providers.

Some opponents object to Planned Parenthood in particular as an organization, but are open to contracts with other health care providers that offer family planning services.

Have your say!

Do you think the New Hampshire Executive Council should approve the contract with Planned Parenthood? Let us know in the comments below.


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