The Citizens Count NH Voter Guide Makes a Difference

Citizens Count NH Voter Guide mobile phone app

This year, thousands of New Hampshire citizens used the Citizens Count NH Voter Guide mobile app to make an informed choice on their ballots. A free, easy-to-use mobile application for Apple or Android devices, the app showed users every candidate running for state or federal office in their district of New Hampshire for the 2018 midterm election, all at the touch of a screen.

Using the app, citizens were able to:

  • Learn candidates' experience and background
  • Discover where they stand on the issues that matter
  • View voting records for incumbents and see how they're performing in office
  • Get hard-to-find info on candidates for lower-ballot offices, like state representative
  • Find your polling place and get information on voter ID and registration

The app will continue to be updated with information about all New Hampshire special elections.

Help us do even more in 2020

Citizens Count will be working hard over the next two years to expand our unique election resources.

  • We’ll offer even more in-depth, clear, unbiased information on New Hampshire’s candidates.
  • We’ll roll out new features that make it easier than ever for citizens to find the candidates who best represent their views on the issues.

Your support makes it happen

The generosity of people like you is what empowers us to keep helping New Hampshire citizens make a difference, both in and out of the voting booth. Please consider making a contribution today and help us reach our goal to raise $100,000 by the end of 2019.


Citizens Count is a nonpartisan nonprofit with a mission to make citizen engagement easier. That means all the information our voter guide app provides for U.S. House, New Hampshire governor, Executive Council, and state Senate and House elections is presented without spin or bias—just the facts, not the political agenda.

This unique free voter resource is available for both Apple and Android devices. Click to download now.

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