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HB 586 (2021)

Various affordable housing initiatives, from training to tax credits


This bill is aimed at modifying various processes and tax credits to encourage workforce housing. First, the bill allows all planning and zoning board members to receive training from the Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) free of charge. The bill also modifies the appeals process for zoning decisions, and provides for fee shifting and posting of bond in appeals to superior court from decisions of boards of adjustment. This bill then permits municipal economic development and revitalization districts to be used to increase workforce housing and other residential development. The bill also increases the community revitalization tax relief incentive period for eligible housing projects. Lastly, this bill establishes the "New Hampshire housing champion" certification program to promote the development of workforce housing. Certification would make municipalities eligible for preferential access to state resources such as discretionary state infrastructure funds.

Bill Sponsor:
Joe Alexander Jr.
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Bill Became Law?:
Status Detail:
Tabled in the House
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