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HB 731 (2019)

Increase minimum wage to $15 (Senate lowered to $12)


Gradually raises the state minimum wage, starting at $12 per hour in 2020 and ending at $15 per hour in 2024. The bill also raises the tipped minimum wage, although in 2024 it would still be 45% of the regular minimum wage. The bill requires cost of living adjustments every year. This bill also allows cities and towns to set a higher minimum wage. Lastly, this bill establishes a "training wage," no lower than $8.50, for employees under age eighteen for the first three months of employment. The Senate amended the bill to simply raise the wage to $10 per hour in 2021 and $12 per hour in 2023 (as originally written in SB 410). The amended bill also sets the tipped wage at $4 per hour, rather than 45% of the minimum wage.

Bill Became Law?:
Status Detail:
Vetoed by Governor
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