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SB 175 (2023)

"New Hampshire Mom-nibus" bill expanding Medicaid coverage for various birth-related care, requiring employers to accommodate lactating employees, other supports for young children


Expands Medicaid coverage to include 12 months postpartum as well as doula services, lactation services, and donor breast milk. This bill also requires employers with 6 or more in-state employees to provide sufficient space and breaks for nursing employees to express milk at work. This bill then sends $4 million over two years to the Department of Health and Human services for distribution to family resource centers. This bill also requires the Wellness and Primary Prevention Council study and submit a report on home visiting programs for all parents of newborns and young children. Lastly, this bill requires the Department of Health and Human Services to establish a network of early childhood behavioral health supports.

The Senate passed and then tabled this bill, which often indicates support to include these spending items in the state budget bill or another related bill.

Bill Sponsor:
Becky Whitley
Status Detail:
Tabled in the Senate
Public Hearing Date:
02/08/2023 09:45 am
Public Hearing Location:
LOB Room 101
Senate Voting Date:
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