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SB 247 (2017)


Makes various changes to the laws regarding lead. In particular, this bill:
- Establishes universal blood testing for lead in children ages one and two (a parent or guardian may refuse the test)
- Lowers the legal limit for blood lead levels in children that triggers state action
- Requires landlord to install/maintain faucet filtration systems if a child has a blood lead level over the legal limit
- Requires schools and licensed child care facilities to regularly test water for lead, and implement a remediation plan if there are high levels of lead
- Adds failure to comply with lead regulations to the list of reasons by a daycare can have its license suspended, revoked, or denied
- Requires insurers to cover blood lead testing
- Appropriates $6 million to help landlords pay for the costs of lead remediation
The House amended the bill to change the $6 million grant program into a loan program. The House amendment also requires that pre-1978 building previously used for non-residential purposes be certified "lead safe" before being used as residential rental units or as daycare facilities.

Bill Sponsor:
Dan Feltes
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Bill Became Law?:
Status Detail:
Signed by Governor
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