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SB 267 (2023)

Require DES review of "cumulative impacts analysis"


Requires the Department of Environmental Services to make rules for the permitting and operation of advanced recycling facilities. These rules must address air pollution, the discharge of liquid waste, and so on.

The Senate completely rewrote the bill. The amended bill requires the Department of Environmental Services to "review existing air, water, and waste statutes and rules to determine if rules or legislation, including a schedule and cost estimates, relative to 'cumulative impacts analysis' should be proposed.  'Cumulative impacts analysis' means the combined impacts on public health and the environment caused by a proposed facility in combination with pollution from other, existing sources within a geographic area."

Bill Sponsor:
Debra Altschiller
Democratic party logo
Bill Became Law?:
Status Detail:
Killed in the House
Public Hearing Date:
04/25/2023 10:45 am
Public Hearing Location:
LOB Room 301-303
House Voting Date:
Senate Voting Date:
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