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SB 89 (2021)

Elections omnibus bill, covering "For the People Act" to post-election audits and more


The House voted to add a new section to the bill that states New Hampshire election laws will not be affected by the passage of the federal "For the People Act."  Supporters argue that this is an important measure to protect the integrity of New Hampshire elections from federal interference.  Opponents argue it is unconstitutional to attempt to nullify federal laws, and this measure could require New Hampshire to run two separate election systems, one for state officials and one for federal officials.

The rest of this bill is an omnibus bill related to elections. First, this bill repeals the position of city chief elections officer and places those duties with the city clerk. Second, this bill prohibits any photos within the guardrail of a polling place that captures a voter's ballot. Third, this bill establishes a committee to study post election audit counting devices.

The House voted to remove a part of the bill that would have allowed early processing of absentee ballots. The House also removed a part of the bill modifying the duties of the registers of probate. 

Bill Sponsor:
James P. Gray
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Signed by Governor
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