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Unknown; Children: 0
Home Address
855 Hanover St.
Manchester, NH


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Health Care

Should the federal government increase private sector involvement in veterans' health care?

Social Issues

Should the federal government increase private sector involvement in veterans' health care?
In Their Own Words

Citizens Count received the following statement from David Thistle:

  1. I ran for POTUS at the request of my father, Mr. Harvard L. Thistle Sr. a resident of Hookset, NH upon his retirement. BTW he offered me “The Best Green Car in America” to finish his Bucket List.
  2. I did no public speaking events due to the lack of security detail funds. Candidates are only entitled to Secret Service Protection after the Primary Election.
  3. I raised no funds for the Primary. People need their monies for better things. School supplies, tuition, books, computers, and Opioid Rehab are just some of the examples.
  4. It only is supposed to cost $1,000.00 to run in the primary election in New Hampshire. I was taught that the reason Politicians need more is because of the corruption in the state. Proof is the fact that I spent February 9, 2016 in a jail cell in Nashua, NH. The arrest was “officially” due to an unpaid parking ticket written in front of my home in Manchester. That was the day everything I owned and needed was confiscated. The car and the contents (inclusive of third party “Unaffiliated” signed forms for the POTUS Election) and my medication for my service connected disabilities were legally but unethically separated from me to prevent another event like the H. Ross Perot tipping of the scale.
  5. The aforementioned paragraph stated correctly, I would have been the only Candidate on the Ballot as a 100% Service Connected Combat Related Disabled Veteran. New Hampshire is the only state INCONUS without a full-service VA Hospital. Also, the choice program was a failure for many Veterans. My goal was to build a state of the art VA Hospital with Prosthetics Research and name it after Dr. Dean Kamen for his work with the Luke Arm. Moreover, this would have provided the needed jobs in New Hampshire to help those who were unemployed. How many Opioid Deaths were correlated to unemployment?
  6. None of the Candidates were talking about two of the other important issues of the state. First, the preventable Opioid Crisis. I say it was preventable when it first began if the leadership of the state had taken appropriate action. However, now New Hampshire is #1 in synthetic opioid deaths in the nation. Secondly, was and is the PFOA in the water table and supply. What good does brushing your teeth do if the chemicals in the water will cause so many negative health problems that make a cavity look like a grain of sand next to the Earth?
  7. After a long discussion with my father, he felt that our family and friends deserved better than who showed up. I can’t say I am a better man than the others in character. However, my policy focus and approach are very different. I believe my priorities are much better defended than theirs. The future of the United States is in Relighting the Beacon of Hope.


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