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Position on Issues

Candidate's Website, 2021

"All the Dems in office now are doing is selling us out to China by trying to get NH and the NH workers to rely on solar as an industry.

"An industry completely dominated and controlled by China.

"Then there is the issue of a very low number of jobs even if the solar systems are made here.

"And since the US Government tried propping up solar before, with disastrous consequences like the loss of billions of US Tax dollars. (can you say Solyndra?)

"What makes anyone think it will work this time?

"The entire solar program is a way for democrat politicians to give favors to donors and pocket major amounts of cash in kick-backs!"

Candidate's Website, 2021

"One way to see my support for the 2nd Amendment is when I roll up my left sleeve to expose the forearm… (See photo for visual…)

" As it says on my L Forearm, I will defend the 2nd Amendment!!!

" Without the 2A to protect our other rights, we have no hope of ever protecting those rights!"

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